Featured Business Owner: April Diehl, “The Real Diehl”

In the real estate industry, connections are vital. I’ve met and worked with numerous lenders, inspectors, agents, & title companies, and every once in a while I come across someone special I see in my future. April is one of these people. She’s hard working, positive, creative, and everything comes back to her family.

I met April in January of this year over coffee at Panera. We had a lot in common and so we instantly clicked: She is a working mom, I am a working mom; she had recently moved here from out west, as did I back in 2018; and we were both looking to expand our businesses and clientele.

Back in 2006, April was working at a bank with a mortgage department where she saw a better opportunity for her career and her family. She started as the receptionist at the mortgage department and worked her way up. After her son was born, she unfortunately couldn’t get a job and had to work for two lousy companies before she found Summit. “It was challenging to get back into the lending field and rebuild my business.”

Today April works as a loan officer for Summit Funding. With the market changing, she anticipates rates will be in the 7s by the end of the year and we will continue to shift into a buyer’s market. April recommends that sellers offer a “buy-down” versus a price reduction. This means the seller contributes more money towards closing costs as part of a subsidy for the buy-down. This buy-down will reduce the buyer’s payments for the first three years.

“I think in these markets you have to get creative and be strategic on how to make it work for buyers and sellers.” April says.

When she isn’t running her business as an all-star lender, she is spending time with her husband and four children. “It takes God and grace and a lot of help to balance it all. Having older girls helps a lot. I have bigs and littles and the bigs are able to help with the littles…with a little incentive.”

With years of experience working in the lending field, I asked April if she has any advice for women/moms wanting to start a career in this industry: “Run away—Just kidding! It is trying, though. You have to have thick skin and be willing to work a lot of hours until you build a solid client base. You need a good support system and usually a second income at first."

If you are in need of a fantastic local lender or have any questions about financing, contact April Diehl at (775) 835-3155 or april.diehl@summitfunding,net.

*BONUS: April’s back to school tip - If you have a daughter who wears a size 8 in women’s shoes, you can buy a similar pair of boy’s size 7 shoes for less money!