About Me

photo of Lisa Paller, founder of Working Moms Realty

My husband and I moved from Colorado to Tennessee when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter and I knew absolutely nobody.  I stayed home for the next two years watching my baby and found it very rewarding, but also very isolating.​

After our second daughter was born, I returned to work and found it extremely fulfilling but also exhausting to manage the constant balancing act of a career and raising a family. I had my professional and personal goals, but my kids would always come first.

That's why I started Working Moms Realty

​I understand the pull to stay home and raise your babies while also having personal ambitions.​ Whether you work full-time, part-time, stay home with your kids, or work from home, parenting is never easy.  It’s the people we let into our lives—and into our children’s lives—that really get us through each day.​Working Moms Realty is here to help you find the home that fits your family and lifestyle.  I understand that the home buying process can be messy... but I'm a mom, so I'm not afraid of messy!