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Business Spotlight: Briana Garza - Chatt Taste

It’s easy to get stuck in the mundane of our day-to-day routines. Wake up, eat breakfast, get ready, kids to school, work, pick kids up, make dinner, get ready for bed - repeat! While I am often a fan of the mundane, it’s nice to spice it up once in a while. If you’re looking for a new date night idea, or delicious activity to do when friends are in town, look no further than Chatt Taste!

Briana Garza, CEO (Chief Eating Officer, that is), says Chatt Taste started as a conversation in a coffee shop. “The question for the table was, ‘If you could do one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? Money removed. What can you wake up and do every single day?’ Whatever your answer was, could be created into your job. Some answers were ‘fishing’ or ‘painting,’ …mine was ‘eating lunch.’ It’s my favorite meal. The sun is at its peak, people are coming and going. I just love it. We used my idea and teased about how ‘eating lunch’ could (and eventually would) become my full-time job. What started off as a conversation manifested itself into a life-changing career change.”

Chatt Taste was started in 2019 and offers numerous types of food tours around downtown Chattanooga, from the historic MLK Blvd to Southside district. They have vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and kid-friendly options. “Chatt Taste uses the same technology as dating websites. Each guest fills out a profile when booking, detailing what they don’t like to eat and any dietary restrictions or preferences. That information goes directly to each chef who makes a meal just for you. Chatt Taste is speed dating, but with restaurants.”

Briana has lived in Chattanooga for 16 years now and loves to involve her family in Chatt Taste: “My daughter considers herself my first employee, and she’s not wrong. At 10, she plays a huge role in tour development and goes on tours frequently. Ensuring she’s involved in the business helps her understand my passion and keeps us connected even when mommy is working.” When asked how she balances running a business and her personal life: “Every time I feel like I have it figured out, circumstances change. I attribute my success at balancing business and personal life to my fiancé, Renel. He steps in when our daughter needs the extra attention.”

Briana’s Rockstar advice for women wanting to start a company: “Just start. Little known fact about me: my background is in healthcare, not hospitality, and definitely not food and beverage. There can be a million people more qualified that you, but only one you. I’m proof any dream can be realized.”

Check out Chatt Taste’s upcoming events on their website,, including an excursion on February 25th and 26th to Nearest Green Distillery. Use promo code "WorkingMoms" to receive 15% off all Chatt Taste Food Tours.

Happy eating friends!

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